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Dealing and/or use of softdrugs is strictly prohibited. On offense, the police will be informed. All kinds of hard/softdrugs will be confiscated.


See relevant event.


Visitor enters the event at their own risk. The organization is not responsible for any kind of physical and mental injury.


The minimum age is 18 years. When in doubt, the visitor must identify with a valid ID.


See relevant event.


In the immediate vicinity are several parkings available.


There are lockers/wardrobe, a deposit is required.


If you visit the event, the following house rules apply

  • The visitor enters and attends the event at his/her own risk. The organisation is not responsible for any form of physical or mental injury. The visitor must take suitable measures to protect his/her hearing.
  • The minimum age is 18. The visitor must show a valid proof of identity upon request.
  • In the event of an infringement of the house rules, the organisation can refuse admission to a visitor and/or remove the visitor from the event.
  • The visitor must be in possession of a valid, scannable admission ticket.
  • The visitor and his/her baggage shall be searched by the security organisation at the entrance; the visitor can also be searched at the event.
  • It is prohibited to take their own consumptions such as: food, alcohol, drinks, bottles, cans, glass items, prohibited substances and animals with you.
  • Recording and publicising the event in a professional and/or commercial manner, including taking photographs and filming is prohibited without the written permission from the organisation.
  • It is prohibited to distribute flyers or other items on and around the site of the event, without permission from the organisation.
  • Dealing in and/or using (soft and/or hard) drugs is strictly prohibited. In the event of an infringement, the police shall be informed. All types of hard and/or soft drugs shall be confiscated.
  • The organisation is not liable for any form of loss of property and/or goods of the visitor.
  • Visitors with football shirts and/or clothing with nationalist symbols or expressions shall be refused admission.
  • Smoking at the event, other than in the smoking area, is prohibited.
  • Visitors who are guilty of sexual harassment, racist and/or discriminatory comments shall be removed and handed over to the police.
  • The visitor agrees to video and sound recordings and the publication thereof. No rights and/or fees can be derived from this.
  • Tokens are only valid during the event and cannot be refunded after the event.
  • The visitor is obliged to comply with instructions from identifiable employees.
  • The organisation is entitled to modify the programme under all circumstances.
  • Weapons are strictly prohibited and shall be confiscated and destroyed.
  • We are not liable for loss resulting from inaccuracies disseminated on the Internet and/or technical malfunctions.
  • Leaving the event is always final.