(hereinafter referred to as VD&B)

VD&B is registered under number 70162719


Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 Privacy provisions and conditions for registration of the visitor

Chapter 3 Conditions for visiting events

Chapter 4 Final provisions


Article 1 VD&B general terms and conditions

1.1 These general terms and conditions shall be used by VD&B and its affiliated companies. Every VD&B event must use these conditions when interacting with the other party/visitor.

1.2 VD&B has its registered office at Winthontlaan 200 3526 KV in Utrecht, the Netherlands. VD&B can be contacted via the email address:

1.3 These general terms and conditions are applicable to the online visitors of the website of VD&B. These conditions are also applicable to visitors of every event organised by VD&B.

Article 2 Publication and application of these general conditions

2.1 These general terms and conditions have been filed at the Chamber of Commerce under number 70162719 and can be requested by every visitor.

2.2 These general terms and conditions are also available electronically on the website and the visitor can save and evaluate them.

2.3 The website of VD&B clearly states the address and the contact data of VD&B, which company is also responsible for the content of its website.

2.4 VD&B also refers, where reasonably possible, to the general terms and conditions on an admission ticket for an event. The visitor can also consult a summary of the general terms and conditions at the entrance to the event.

Article 3 Definitions

‘General conditions’:

These general terms and conditions are applicable to every legal relationship between a consumer (hereinafter: visitor) and VD&B. They form an integral part of all agreements relating to the purchase and supply of products and services via the website and events organised by VD&B.

“Services from third parties”:

Agreements for services and products from third parties that are offered on or via the website of VD&B, but are linked to the website of the relevant provider shall be entered into under the general terms and conditions of that third party provider.


Every consumer who directly or indirectly enters into an agreement with VD&B and/or attends the event.


Every event – including a festival/performance or music organised by VD&B.


A product that is offered by VD&B is an e-ticket or a merchandise product.


A physical product, such as an item of clothing, under a brand, name, logo issued by VD&B that has been purchased via an online web shop.

Article 4 Amendment of the conditions

These general terms and conditions can be amended from time to time. An amended version shall be published on the website and deposited with the Chamber of Commerce. The amended conditions shall be applicable from the date of publication.


Article 5 Privacy provisions

5.1 The privacy provisions in these general terms and conditions correspond with the general ‘privacy policy’.

5.2 VD&B respects the privacy of every visitor and ensures that the personal data of the visitor is treated confidentially and with the utmost care.

5.3 The data of the visitor is filed and used in order to ensure that the range of products and associated services is facilitated in a fast and smooth manner.

5.4 The data of the visitor to the website shall also be stored and used if the visitor has agreed to share data in a social media environment, such as Facebook or Twitter, and to sending a newsletter. The data shall be used:

a) for information and to answer questions from the visitor;

b) to inform the visitor in the event of physical purchase;

c) to notify the visitor about campaigns;

d) for the administrative processing of transactions and payments;

e) to amend information on the website for the visitor.

5.5 The website can use the data of the visitor to offer other products to the visitor that match earlier purchases.

5.6 If desired, the visitor must register and create an account on the website.

5.7 By registering on the website, the visitor authorises VD&B or its affiliated third parties to send information to him/her via email.

Article 6 Third-party services and privacy

6.1 Services or purchases are sometimes offered by third parties on the website of VD&B, when the visitor clicks to a link redirecting them to the website of that third party. Chapter 1 article 3 services from third parties is then applicable.

6.2 The Privacy Policy of VD&B and these general terms and conditions are not applicable to websites, purchase contracts or services provided by third parties. The visitor must inform himself/herself about the applicable provisions.

6.3 If the visitor is requested to enter information on the website of third parties, this takes place at his/her own risk.

Article 7 Security

VD&B shall not be liable for any loss that the visitor incurs if a third party obtains unlawful access to the personal data of the visitor. Due to the nature of the use of the Internet and the online transmission of data, VD&B cannot guarantee that the data of the visitor is kept in a secure environment.

Article 8 Anonymised data

VD&B is authorised to use anonymised data of visitors obtained via the services, the purchase, or the website, to provide advertisers with information about the traffic on the website. The visitor gives permission for this by accepting these general terms and conditions.


Article 9 General

9.1 The general terms and conditions and provisions in this chapter are applicable to all admission tickets and they accordingly form an integral part of all agreements relating to the purchase/sales, donation and supply of admission tickets for events irrespective of where these are or will be held.

9.2 The visitor accepts the content of these general terms and conditions by acquiring and/or purchasing an admission ticket, or attending the event.

Article 10 Admission ticket

10.1 Admission to the event is only obtained by presenting a valid and undamaged admission ticket. It must be possible to scan the admission ticket. Admission to the event is only possible for persons aged 18 years or older. People who visit the event can possibly be requested to show the admission ticket in combination with a valid proof of identity in order to check the age limit.

10.2 Admission to the event shall be refused to people under the age of 18. In this instance, VD&B shall not refund the admission fee.

10.3 Admission tickets are and remain the property of VD&B. The admission ticket gives the holder the right to attend the event. Admission is only granted to the first holder of the admission ticket scanned at the entrance to the event. VD&B may assume that the holder of this admission ticket is also the person who is entitled to attend the event. VD&B is not obliged to perform any other verification of valid admission tickets.

10.4 From the moment that the admission ticket is issued to the visitor, the visitor is liable for the loss, theft, damage or misuse of the admission ticket.

10.5 The admission ticket is only issued once and only provides admission for one person.

10.6 VD&B reserves the right to state a maximum number of admission tickets that can be ordered by a visitor.

10.7 Leaving the event is always final.

Article 11 Prohibition on reselling

11.1 Admission tickets for the event may not be resold by the visitor in any way for commercial purposes.

11.2 The visitor is not permitted to advertise or perform any other form of publicity in relation to the event.

11.3 If the visitor does not comply with the rules for a valid admission ticket, VD&B is entitled to refuse admission to the visitor without the visitor being entitled to a refund for the price that he/she has paid for the admission ticket (including service costs).

Article 12 Search

VD&B is entitled to search the visitor and his/her hand baggage when entering or during the event. If visitor refuses to comply with this request, the visitor can be refused admission to the event and/or removed from the event without a refund of the admission fee.

Article 13 Prohibited items

13.1 The visitor is prohibited from taking professional film and photo equipment to the event. Also drugs, pets, drinks, food, hallucinatory substances, glass items, fireworks, weapons, cans of spray paint and other dangerous items are not permitted. The visitor must behave in accordance with the standards for public order and decency and must obey instructions from identifiable employees of the organisation.

13.2 Moreover, admission or further admission can be refused to every visitor who violates this prohibition or such visitor can be removed from the event and/or handed over to the police without any entitlement to refund of the admission fee. Confiscated items shall be destroyed.

Article 14 Refusal of admission

VD&B reserves the right to refuse admission or further admission to the event to certain persons or to remove them from the event if the organisation deems this to be necessary in order to maintain public order and security during the event. This is also the case if a visitor wears clothing, texts or signs that, in the opinion of VD&B, can be offensive, discriminatory, and aggressive or can cause unrest amongst other visitors. The wearing of football caps or football shirts, as well as discriminatory statements, and dressing and undressing is prohibited.

Article 15 Film and video images

Recording and publicising the event in a professional and/or commercial manner, including taking photographs, filming, making sound and/or video recordings, as well as reprinting or copying flyers, posters and other printed materials is not permitted without the express, prior and written permission of VD&B. Confiscated video and/or sound recording media can be destroyed.

Article 16 Own risk

16.1 Visitors enter the event at their own risk. In this respect, VD&B is not liable, unless there is demonstrable gross negligence and/or malign intent on the part of VD&B in the event of personal injury. VD&B shall take out insurance to cover liability and shall, in the event of VD&B being held liable, file this with its insurer. The insurer shall assess whether this concerns a covered liability. VD&B shall never pay compensation itself.

16.2 Loss to the visitor resulting from loss, damage, theft of property and caused by other visitors is excluded by VD&B.

16.3 The visitor is fully aware of the fact that loud music will be played during the event. VD&B advises visitors to protect their hearing during the event and/or to keep away from the loudspeakers. VD&B is not liable for any hearing damage.

Article 17 Programme

VD&B strives to execute the event in accordance with the announced programme and timetable. However, it is not liable for deviations from this timetable and any loss arising from this to visitors and/or third parties. VD&B is not liable for the content of the event programme or how it is executed, explicitly including the length of the programme.

Article 18 Further rules

The visitor to the event is obliged to comply with the regulations, house rules, any modifications thereof, and the instructions from VD&B. Instructions from security personnel, police, fire brigade and other authorised parties must be obeyed. Security cameras can be present at the event and the images can be handed over to the justice department and/or to the police.

Article 19 Force majeure

In the event of force majeure in the broadest sense, for example in relation to illness and/or cancellation of the artist, strikes, fire, adverse weather conditions, etc., VD&B shall be entitled to move the event to another date or location or to cancel the event.

Article 20 Moving or cancelling the event

20.1 VD&B shall not be liable for loss that arises from the moving or cancellation of the event, as referred to above. If the event is moved or cancelled, as referred to above, VD&B shall announce this fact as fully as possible in the manner that it deems appropriate. VD&B can also combine the event with another similar event. VD&B shall only refund the admission fee upon request in the event of cancellation, but expressly not the reservation/administration costs.

20.2 The refund shall take place within a reasonable period after the date of the cancelled event, provided that the visitor is in possession of a valid admission ticket. The way in which the refund shall take place is determined by VD&B and shall be announced via the usual channels or on its website.

Article 21 Video and audio recordings

21.1 VD&B is perpetually authorised to make, to reproduce, and/or to broadcast video and/or audio recordings of the visitors to the event in any form and in any way. By receiving an admission ticket to the event and/or attending the event, the visitor agrees unconditionally to the aforementioned recordings, processing, the publication and the use thereof, in the broadest sense, without VD&B being liable for any compensation to the visitor at any time.

21.2 The visitor hereby waives all of his/her rights, copyrights, related rights and/or portrait rights and hereby irrevocably declares that he/she shall not make any claim against VD&B in this respect. The visitor declares without any reservation that VD&B can use the sound and video recordings in the broadest sense.

Article 22 Smoke-free event

22.1 The visitor may not smoke at an event that is organised in a hall of VD&B. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas. VD&B shall take reasonable steps to make visitors aware of the smoke-free nature of the event, but cannot guarantee that the event will be completely smoke-free. The visitor is not entitled to a refund of the admission fee or any other fee if the event is not completely smoke-free.

22.2 If the visitor infringes the prohibition on smoking, the security personnel shall immediately remove him. Insofar as fines are imposed on VD&B, these shall be recovered from the visitor.

Article 23 Tokens

Tokens purchased during the event are only valid for that event. Purchased tokens can only be used during the event. VD&B shall not, under any circumstances, refund the tokens after the event.

Article 24 Event

All provisions and conditions of this chapter are expressly also applicable to every event organised by VD&B.

Article 25 Payment of the e-tickets

If the visitor purchases an e-ticket for a VD&B event, the payment for this product shall usually be processed by a third party. This third party shall, normally speaking, use its own general terms and conditions relating to the visitor as a purchaser of the admission ticket. The general terms and conditions of the relevant third party, as well as these general terms and conditions of VD&B, shall be applicable to an e-ticket.

Article 26 Trips, transport and airline tickets

26.1 Via the website of VD&B, domestic and foreign trips can be offered for VD&B to the visitor. When purchasing such a trip, the visitor enters into a transport agreement with this third party. Although VD&B selects these suppliers with care, they do not form a party to any agreement between the visitor and this third party.

26.2 The visitor indemnifies VD&B against every claim for the costs or loss that can arise from an agreement between him/her and this third party. Any applicable general terms and conditions of the third party can always be requested on the website of this third party.

Article 27 Offers from standholders at an event

The visitor to an event of VD&B can be offered products/services at that event by third parties/standholders, such as food or drinks, merchandise or other products such as sunglasses or clothing. Although VD&B selects these standholders with care, it is not a party to any agreement between the visitor and this third party. VD&B, the organiser of the event, is not liable for loss that arises from the purchase or the acquisition of a product or service by the visitor. Any applicable general terms and conditions of the third party can always be requested from this third party.


Article 28 Information about the website

Although VD&B pays a great deal of attention and care when providing information on its website, it cannot give any guarantee in relation to the nature and content of this information and is in no way liable for the content and the consequences of using this information. In as far as links to the website of a third party have been placed on the website of VD&B for offers, products, materials, VD&B is neither responsible nor liable for the operation of this link, the access to or the content of the information of such a website.

Article 29 Force majeure

Notwithstanding its other possible rights, in the event of force majeure, VD&B is entitled to suspend or terminate the execution of any agreement extra-judicially, without being liable to pay any compensation. Force majeure includes every infringement that cannot be attributed to VD&B.

Article 30 Liability for information

30.1 VD&B is not responsible towards the visitor for errors or limited information on its website.

30.2 VD&B is not liable for the faultless operation of the website based on Internet connections, and also cannot guarantee that the link is virus-free due to possible attacks from hackers.

30.3 VD&B shall not be liable for messages posted by others.

Article 31 Intellectual property rights

31.1 Everything that is published on the website is the intellectual property of VD&B.

31.2 The visitor must comply with the intellectual property rules.

31.3 In the event of an infringement (see Article 15), an immediately payable fine, not eligible for judicial reduction, amounting to a minimum of € 30,000 shall be imposed on the visitor, without prejudice to the right of VD&B to claim alternative compensation.

Article 32 Final provisions

32.1 VD&B does its utmost to ensure that its events run as smoothly as possible, however if you are dissatisfied and/or wish to make a positive contribution in relation to or at our events, please contact us.

32.2 If and insofar as any provision of these general terms and conditions conflicts with any statutory regulation, this shall not affect the other provisions of these conditions. The provision shall then be replaced.

Article 33 Applicable court of law

Dutch law is applicable to these general conditions. All disputes shall be exclusively dealt with in accordance with Dutch law.

An abridged version of the general terms and conditions (our house rules) is displayed at the entrance to the event.